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Special Needs Soccer Information

McCleskey East Cobb YMCA


Special Needs Soccer is a free soccer program designed for children with special needs. The program will focus on inclusion, fun and developing a love of the game. Program will enable them to play and progress at their own level. Although, there will be some competitive aspects, readying the participants for team competition will not be the emphasis. The goals of the program are for the children to:

o Have fun playing soccer
o Understand the fundamentals of the game
o Learn team work and fair play

WHÉN: Fridays

TIME: 6:30PM

1055 E. Piedmont Road Marietta, GA 30062 

For more information,
Contact Gus Carpio (P) 678 524 7963 (E) [email protected]

Volunteers: The success of the program has been the participation of volunteers to help throughout the session. lf you are in High School or know someone who would be willing to help out with these very special kids, please give us a call. Our soccer buddies help the children in a variety of ways, from assisting with the drills to helping individual players with a particular skill. For those seeking community service opportunities, a letter of accreditation will be provided.