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Dwight Scala


Birthplace: Patterson, NJ
High School: Ridgewood High School
College: Auburn University
Playing Experience: Club Soccer
Coaching License: USSF "D" License
Coaching Experience: Youth coach for over 30
years including RPL teams and Athena A teams.
Contact Info: [email protected]


Jeff Bazinett


Birthplace: Watertown, NY
High School: Buchholz High School
College: University of Florida
Playing Experience: Club, ODP and semi pro abroad.
Coaching License: USSF D License
Coaching Experience: Over 20 years starting in
Florida before moving up to Atlanta, Former
Academy Director at Smyrna Soccer Club.


High School:
Playing Experience: 
Coaching License: 
Coaching Experience: 

Michael Cheever


Birthplace: Newnan, Georgia
High School: Newnan, High School
College: Georgia Tech
Playing Experience: Youth through High School Soccer and NFL Football
Coaching License: USSF "D" License
Coaching Experience: Eight Years



Birthplace: West Islip, NY
High School: Doulgas County High School
College: University of West Georgia
Playing Experience: Playing competitively since age of 8, Played HS and College.
Coaching License: USSF "F", USSF “E” Youth License.
Coaching Experience:

Juan Castillo


Birthplace: Saltillo Mexico
High School:
Woodrow Wilson HS, Dallas Texas
University of Phoenix
Playing Experience:
Played in HS and Adult Amateur
Coaching License: 
USSF "F", USSF “E” Youth License.
Coaching Experience:
35 years in youth soccer: Coach,
Recreational Director of Coaching Select Program Director