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Academy Schedule (Ages U8 - U12)

Below you will find the schedules for the 2018 Fall Season.  

Please be aware that Games and Times may change.  Weekly correspondence you receive from your coach / team manager supersedes this page.  We will strive to confirm schedule 7 days prior to the games.

Please arrive 45mins prior to the game for warm up and make sure you bring both your Navy and White uniforms.

Home locations for MAYS teams include Custer Park, Hubert Park, and Tramore Park.

HOME team wears Dark color
AWAY team wears light color


The schedule has been designed for teams to compete against similar levels of opponents.  On some game days players from all programs may combine to form teams as we compete against some of the best teams in the state.  This will be coordinated in advance by the Program Coordinators.

                                    SPRING 2018  GAME SCHEDULE

Week 1 September 8 Game Schedule DDY
Week 5 October 7 No Game
Week 1
September 9 No Game
Week 6
October 13 Game Schedule
Georgia Storm
Week 2 September 15 Game Schedule Inter Atlanta Week 6 October 14 Game Schedule
All in FC Girls Only
Week 2 September 16 Game Schedule Georgia Rush Week 7 October 20 Game Schedule
Cherokee Impact
Week 3 September 22 No Game Fall Break
Week 7
October 21 Game Schedule
Georgia Rush Boys Only
Week 3
September 23 No Game Fall Break
Week 8 October 27 Game Schedule
Alpharetta Ambush
Week 4 September 29 No Game Fall Break

Week 8 October 28 No Game 
Week 4September 30 No Game Fall Break
Week 9
November 3 Game Schedule
Rome Arsenal
Week 5
October 6 No Game Spring BreakNASA/TopHatWeek 9November 4 Game Schedule
Georgia Express